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The Science of Abundance is something we can all achieve in our lives. Remember, it is a science. Science follows exacting laws that are repeatable in any sphere where the laws will flow the same way, regardless of any other surrounding issues or ‘things’.


In other words, it is a sure thing- a definite and a guarantee.

Manifestation Miracle

I am going to revert to an idea of a car and electricity as two examples. Would you agree that if you are not mechanically minded, you may not know how the car works internally. However, if you have been taught to drive, you still know how to drive.

The Science of Abundance- Allowing it into Our Lives

After pushing the start button or turning the key, the engine runs and by putting the car in gear and applying the accelerator, the car will move forward. It doesn’t matter if you are not mechanically minded and may not know how the engine and drive trains work.


The same applies with electricity.

You may not know about complete electrical circuits, but you know that when you flick a switch in your home, the light will come on if there is power available into your home.


In a similar vain, the mechanics and laws of attraction are always working, even if we don’t understand them as we go about our daily lives.


Recognising that our thoughts are things and that our actions will influence others over time and provide the results we want is what we need to know. I certainly can and look forward to explaining some of these laws in my various writings, but for simplicity, even if you are not aware yet how they work, just knowing that they do work is enough for the moment to get the results you want so much.


I am also going to refer to an incident once where I procrastinated for months in relation to completing some official forms.

The process took no more than an hour at most, but I actually procrastinated for longer than eight months and the payoff, when I did finally get to the task, because I had a deadline to meet, was enormous.


However, I actually not only procrastinated to get the task done initially, but also held back the great good that was coming my way when the forms were complete.


There was obviously, the immediate relief that I had done what needed to be done much earlier.

Then, there was the issue of the of the delayed gratification that could have come so much sooner.


It is imperative to make sure that we are always on top of things and getting things done, It is harder to start with but it soon becomes a habit when we are determined to start at the beginning and get on with things.

I like to start real early in the morning and get to the hardest and toughest mental tasks first.

Complex paperwork,

major reports,

Tasks like that are best done sooner rather than later. It is easier to then get on with things and enjoy the rest of the day knowing you have gotten the hardest items off your list for the day.


I know it seems simple, but the importance of killing procrastination is really well explained in this free report.


You can do anything when you set your mind to it. Equally, the Miracle of Manifestation is there for you to apply in your life. Go for It!





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