We All Make Mistakes- and We Can All Still Attract The Best To Ourselves and Our Lives

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It does not matter what you have done before, or what has happened in the past? We all have events from the past that we may feel we could have managed better but we need to make sure that we still always focus forward and look at ways to improve ourselves, and work with what we have as a start. Then we can soldier on and get better. I will talk about myself here as this is the best way to make this point more real and meaningful for you. I am a person who works at home, writing on my experience as well as helping others to solve problems in their lives. One of my niches is the law of attraction and self improvement. We can all do much better and the fact that you are reading this is testament to that point already- so good on you. You are interested in learning more, and making a difference in your life and that of those around you.



If you were not interested in doing something to better your circumstances, you would not have searched or looked for answers in relation to ending up with a better result, and that means you are already on the way to success. It’s true and very significant. The next step is to make sure that you are now ready to take a determined approach, rather than a common, and haphazzard method to make a difference to your results.


I also highly recommend two resources below: being related to personal development to help you on your way. One item is the Daily Insight Guide Email which is a much better way to start the day, that to read all the negative news online in the paper. I used to always rad my local news paper, but found I was often depressed after reading the news that I decided to change my course.


I can assure you that I do not suggest you live in a bubble of of ignorance, but that you make a point of starting your day right. It really does make a difference in a big way and I can assure you that you will see the results for you as well.

In addition, I can also recommend a course called Money in your mind. It does not teach you to only think about money, but rather, goes into a detailed process that will help you to see it in a different light. This is an important step to help you see things differently and to make accepting money into your life an easier process for you.

Ask for What You Want On Paper!

Ask for what you want on Paper- I am serious It works.

Actually, take the time to write out in detail what you want. It is like placing your order with the universe.

In addition, I like to think of these writings during a  quiet time, and then as the saying goes, allow myself to sleep on it. It is similar to a point I made in another post about not worrying as it is entirely counter productive.


In addition to that, I find that the material I learned and continue to learn from Club Asteria is incredible. It is all about personal development, and in the same way I have suggested earlier, we need to write down all we want. It is hard to explain, but the act of writing it down actually forces the value into the deepest recesses of our subconscious and it's like lighting a fire. I know this sounds crazy, but its true.


The process really does cement the idea and I find it is easier to materialize. Another example of this is what I call a board of desire. I choose different colour boards and have placed pictures of things I want on it. When I was in my late teens, I created a card with pictures of a house and a car and so on. I looked at that card every morning for a few years, and then put it away. I actually still have the card and as it turns out, everything on those cards has materialized in my life for me. It does work. In fact, all that and so much more. Now, I recommend you give this a go for yourself as well. The process really does work.





In addition, I have found that I have earned a great deal from the Club Asteria system  and also from RC Tornado.

Success Planning on Long Trips

I'm not sure about your individual car travelling or other modes of travel arrangemtns, but it is not uncommon for me to spend 5 or six hours in the car when traveling across the country to attend various meetings, or participate in projects that I am completing. Either way, I make it a point of using that time as effectively as possible.


On one recent trip, I listened to an entire seminar recorded on CD and was able to really enjoy the journey. Instead of just driving and staring up ahead, I really had the opportunity to take my time, and use it to maximum effect. I obviously arrived at my intended destination and also had the best training I could get from Bob Proctor on the laws of Success and wealth.


Most importantly, by travelling and using this time wisely, I am making sure that I am feeding my mind with the best possible information available.


More Personal Development Benefits from Time During Travel


I really know that you can achieve as much as I do from your time travelling, It does not matter if you are in the car, the bus, the train, or any other mode of transport. You can really make incredible use of your time.


I listened to an entire Jim Rohn course over around six hours when travelling, and instead of just being a little tired after the journey, I was actually really alive, and energetic. I had ideas, and 'things to do".




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