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We are All Born To Win


We are all born to win and I highly recommend you tell yourself daily “I Can”. I know it may seem very basic and straight forward to some people, but we can all benefit from the reminder now and again. I know I certainly can from time to time. It’s rather like bathing. We need to do it everyday to remain fresh and clean. The same can be said for our minds too.


When we say born to win, many people think it is just a cliche, but nothing could be further from the truth. Being ready to soar like an eagle, or like a plane tking off into the sky, we need to make sure that we are feeding our minds the best we possibly can, all the time.






Knowing that I Can Do As I Set Myself to Do- Stake Your Claim on the Good Life

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I Can the ebookThis may seem a little strong, but knowing that I can do as I set myself to do is very powerful indeed.


How often do you ask yourself if you can do something and know in your heart that you can go out and get it. It is a very strong and important point to know because when you know in your heart that you can do something, you know that you can also actually go out there and be  the person of greatness that you deserve to be. This is the principle, amongst many in the book, I Can!


Another way to describe thidr pointy is that you can and deserve to stake your claim on the good life.

Stake Your Claim on the Good Life


I Can the ebook


As the good book has said, you can if you can conceive it. Essentially,  wide range of people often let themselves down by not believing in themselves at all and thinking they are less capable than they are really are.


I know I certainly was there at one stage of my life when I was in high school. I knew I was a good person but I simply had not the confidence and belief in myself. This caused me a great deal of pain and self doubt, that of course, I have learned now was not necessary AT ALL  and I hope to help you see this valid point, to recognize that you are great as you are. You may simply need to learn to trust your ability to visualize as you will definitely bring to yourself as you picture in your mind.


This is a point too important to ignore. If you think and imagine and then picture yourself succeeding, you will. If not, then you may stagnate which is never a good thing at all. Remember to picture and stake your claim on the good life for you. It is imperative.


Stake Your Claim on All that is Good Through Visualization


There are some people that are unsure about the power of visualization. Let me assure you it works. There are too many people who have said it works, and I tried it out for me to see for myself. I have been using this process ever since.

I fill my mind with positive ideas and positive images and start each day with a positive note that I am getting to where I wish to be and will succeed at all times. It is essential and I know it works. It will for you too.

All I ask is that you believe by imagining and picturing the result you want in your mind.

This will help to bring to you your desired result. It is proven over time to work without fail and it can again for you.

You will always be attracting to you what you think about. This is proven beyond all and any doubt and my highest recommendation is to never allow yourself to be held back by doubt, fear and frustration. Just go for it and jump, metaphorically speaking.


I Can the ebook


Remember, whatever you do, I can– You Can and I will. This is the back of every success- you can.


You can stake your claim on the good life!


Elevating Yourself to your highest level and more… Get Rid of Worry!

Having experienced worry, I can assure you it is one of the most irrelevant and useless of emotions. I understand it is a regular intruder in many people's lives, and I hope to help you eliminate this scourge from your existence.


Why, you may ask, get Rid of Worry?

Essentially, it is the most useless of emotions, that robs us of peace of mind, our tranquility, and literally helps to reduce our effectiveness in our daily lives and goals.


I can say this from very personal experience, and it is with great effort, desire, and dedication that I have moved myself above this point in my life.


I know that we can suffer from worry for many reasons including, but in no way limited to issues of finance, love, work, and anything else under the sun. Please understand that I appreciate that there can be times where we are uncertain, but recognising this, and applying other techniques are able to be more effective as well as ensure a better result for us.


Quit Worrying and Attract More


Essentially, when you are worried, you are effectively killing all your creativity, and ability to naturally create. I certainly know for myself that I am happier when I am worry free, and able to then fully concentrate on my various projects at any given time. I know that I am just able to flow, as the saying goes. On the other hand, there was a time when I was very stressed financially, and my creativity went out the window. I spent all my waking hours worried, and nearly got quite sick. I think you can see the point here. I know it was stupid to worry, but I also know it is a natural tendency. I had to work hard to fight it, and overcome it.


I think a key word here is to relax, and let ourselves ease through difficult times. Please realise I am not minimising some very challenging problems that people sometimes have to face, but gain, remember that worrying just brings up images of the worst possible scenarios. If we picture the desired outcomes, and imagine them strongly, by concentrating on what we want, we are more able to attract it to us.


Does it work first time, and easily? Not always, but with faith and practice, it does work. Remember, these are laws, rather than just ideas. 


I also cover this issue on my Elevation CD membership plan where I am speaking, and know that it can help others to overcome their fears and worries too.

 I truly do realise how easy it is to say this but when you let fear and worry go, your greater good comes to you or is attracted to you more easily, because of your ease in accepting it. By worrying, we are effectively shutting the gate of our good to us, and fear acts as a massive filter of good.


Profiting in Your Business- What is Necessary in terms of Mindset?

Many people make the mistake in thinking that business profit is just about the next major decision. However, whilst that can make some difference, I am a keen believer in the long term, with quality and service to match. In other words, success is not about a quick dollar, but rather about consistency and genuinely being available to help your clients, as well as provide a genuine service.


To put this another way, it is about actually taking the time to invest in preparation, and the production of a quality product, regardless of what that product or service might be.


To expand on this further, it is better to take a little longer, and do the job right. Let me use an example to illustrate my point. I recently had the pleasure of working on a house for renovation. It is a three hundred year old house in a region of France, near Bordeaux and thus, whilst it is stable, the walls needed a 'small' birthday.  I have often said that I am not very impressed with the person who invented wall paper, as it is an incredibly messy product to remove effectively. I am not a professional decorator, by my own admission.

Mindset is about ensuring that you are always doing all you can to maximise your results.


Your business results will be based on the mindset and thoughts you have. In all cases, if you can conceive an idea in your mind, you can bring it to life. However, you need to ensure you do not allow yourself top be talked out of your beliefs, often by your own insecurities or belief systems. I know this can strike a chord, but it is really important to ensure that you are clear in your mind here. Only a dedicated clarity in your own mind, will allow you to move to the next phase.


One way top look at this is to appreciate this is to see that everything in your nearest city was first imagined, or conceived in an architect's mind. The same applies to all the 'things' we have and see about us. No difference.


I think you can appreciate where I am going with this now.


In a similar fashion, I release a monthly CD to my elevation  club members as like washing, we need to always be regularly tending to our thoughts, and ensure we are on track. We are all human and can all go off track. However by regularly infusing all the best and the beliefs that work to better ourselves, we are better off for it.


I will be writing more about my elevation club as well as general points to ensure you are always getting the best you can in life.

Find Your Desire in Life and Reap the Rewards that are On Offer



One of the most important points I would like to make in the realm of prosperity is that there is a difference between reading about a few things, knowing they exist, and actually experiencing them. It is a massive difference in fact.

However, knowing this point is one thing and it is my aim to help you not only appreciate this point better, but to actually utilize it to turn things around for you. I am really passionate as there are so many people who are living below their peak potential. It probably sounds almost cliched, but it is really true and I hope you can pick my enthusiasm here and actually apply some of it to yourself.

Essentially, of you are not passionate about something, you are less than likely to achieve it. It is blunt, and really that simple. You need to really want the things in your life, to have the energy to go out and get them.


We all only live our lives once and we really need to make sure that we make that life count. After all, there is nothing more fulfilling than really knowing you have achieved something valuable. It really does make a difference.