Giving Time to the Universe to Serve Up your Desired Attracted Good in Your Life

For many of us, we accept the law exists but are uncertain if it is working for us. Others of us may just think it is all too hard. What about you?

I hope to take this post to a new level, where I can show you that the law can be experienced in your life and show you the results you deserve.

The main point, if you will is that the law, like other universal constants, requires time to weaver its magic. Let me illustrate this point this way…


You may decide that you would like to become employed in a given company, and reach a certain level in time. Please note I have used the term 'in time' deliberately, as I am certain that these things need to be put in place. Other events need to fall in pl;ace for this to happen. An example might be that you would need to meet the right person or come into contact with a person already in the company. That person would need to have a situation in his company where he can 'make use' of your skills and be able to integrate you into their overall company picture.


You may need to have the knowledge and skills to do the job, or be in a position to learn as you go along. Can you see that various things need to fall into place here. Now, please do not retreat and say it all seems to hard. The fact is the world is a fluid place and these things are happening every day where opportunities are being exploited as they are created and found. It is also about you being able to see an opportunity when it turns up. This is where the Laws of Attraction principles come in.


The fact is that for many things to happen with a result that you want. other people are involved, either directly or indirectly and we need them to help us through. Now, this is not the same as being dependent on, but rather about us being able to recognize that things external to us are happening in the world. This is what we mean by the term vibration. The vibration of the universe is very strong for us as we are able to send out thoughts, all day. Those thoughts are powerful, and are like radio beacons. What we think, and then also ct on, creates a series of signals that are sent out into the universe to influence others and situations to work for us. However, these processes take time to filter through, and the wait is always worth while. The secret is to be actively doing the best you can, learning and applying. I have deliberately highlighted the apply word, given that action is key here. I have found that when things do happen, the law of the universe has always made sure the application has been quick, once the process has begun. I found that the situation in my case worked that way, as it has for others. When I was interested in moving to another state and being promoted in my work, the process seemed to take a long time to be accepted. Once it was, 11 months later, the speed with which the actions happened was incredible. I was asked to be interviewed and two weeks later, was presented with the offer.


I was told I had two weeks to get ready, (pack up my belongings and move to a new city and state). Once there, I had another week to get organised and was in full swing. The process took a full five weeks from the time I was advised of an interview. I think this illustrates the point in a good example of the law of attraction, I can assure you there are more examples like this one and they happen to people everyday. Why not you too?


Vision for Your Future- Picture It and Expect It

Expect Your Vision To Come True, Or Better


In today's post, I am talking about the expectation of success, rather than just a meager desire for something good. After all, when we really expect something, we are more likely to work towards it.

Now, let's be honest here. It is about being dedicated and putting in a regular effort. I found that when I am focused, and working towards my goals, no matter how hard it may be from time to time, I am on fire. I am literally moving ahead and forward in leaps and bounds. You too can as well.


On the other hand, when you feel like there is no hope, and dare I say, get into a negative frame of mind,  everything becomes much harder to deal with. Hence, where to from here?

I know it is easy to say, but let me tell you, things were not always easy. However, when I realized that I had so much, I knew I could move forward. I will briefly tell you my story to put this in perspective.

When I started online, my results were absolutely terrible. However, I had the desire to succeed, and a sense and knowledge of sticking at it. I am a persistent individual and I knew I had to learn. Hence, I worked, failed, learned a few points and on this went.


I pictured exactly what I wanted and read a great deal as well, from authors like Catherine Ponder and Bob Proctor. You will even see references to Bob's products in the side references on thsi website. Being a part of the Six Minute Program has made a great deal of difference to me.

In fact, I always am learning, and am an active member in Club Asteria for personal growth the world over. Now, where I am going with this is that I am learning, practicing and testing all the time. It's not just about trying different things, but rather in being committed to making a difference. Hence, by surrounding myself with books, audios, videos and constant learning, I have made sure that I have also acted on the information. This is really important. Only with Action, can there be change. I know you may stumble initially, but you need to face the fear, and do it anyway.


Remember, the chances are that you are much better off than many others, considering you can probably read and write (or type) and already, that places you way ahead of the pack. You may well be amazed at the number of people who are unable to read, let alone write. You are really ahead of the pack. The fact that you have a desire, and are researching solutions, by you being at this website is a major step in the right direction for you already. The number of people who are unable to read, let alone write is substantial, and you are way above their level in the knowledge stakes.


Hence, you really do have a sporting chance at success and are able to move ahead quite considerably in the right direction.