I Can and Do Deserve Unlimited Success in My Life. How Do I Attain It?

There is no doubt that you do deserve unlimited success in your life. The question about how to get it is an important one and one that I will answer no for you.


However, before we jump right in, I should mention that as always,there are caveats in these situations. For a start, it is all about recognizing that you need to go out and make it happen. Success comes to those who earn it from their effort and input.


In other words, you will need to do something to gain the rewards. It may seem difficult at first if you are not used to doing any ‘work’, but I assure you the rewards are fuel to do more and enjoy more. Equally,it should be noted that working at what you enjoy doing becomes almost like play. This is easily seen in many new areas…

I Can the ebook Having cleared up the issue that you can do what you need to do, it is now critical to make sure that you actually do the doing, as it were. This is critical to your succeeding in your life. I know I have often wanted many things, like most people, but when I was not doing anything to earn those goods, I was not getting the things I wanted either. Same thing applies here.

You will need top make some serious effort to work on this issue to get things right in your life. I know it will seem possibly quite difficult at this time if you’re not where you want to be at the moment, but it will pay off for you.


Take my advice, dream and visualize your desired results. Imagine the feelings, the spirit of success and the spirit of all your desires coming true. By doing this exercise regularly, you will start to effectively train your mind, your subconscious mind to expect the very best from the universe and the world around you.


I will be writing in further posts to explain this point in greater detail and am sure that as you read, both from the data you read here, as well as the recommended extra reading texts, the points will make a littl emore sense to you as time goes by. I can assure you these principles have been well tested and proven by others including me, and I lookforward to hearing of your successes as time progresses.


I also have included more information on a video channel for development and inspiration.





What Are the Benefits of Taking Notes- Pondering and Planning?

I know this may seem a very obvious and basic statement. Planning helps us to see things in better perspective. It also helps to formulate ideas in our minds, and help the process of attraction.

Essentially, until we have actually written our goals and desires down, we have not fully committed to them in our deepest subconscious. I know this may sound almost upfront, but at least, give it a go. I can assure you these principles do actually work. They have been proven time and time again.

To best explain this, consider the following scenario-


You are thinking that you want to do something- you have an image in your mind of a project or a desire, and even though you know you have the right to it, you also have this very slight feeling that you are not certain you have what it takes to get it. Please please, get rid of this uncertainty. This is what kills dreams and effectively erases all the other good you may have created towards your initial desire. You see, even if you are not sure how you will get to where you want to be, you need to actually believe (make that Know) you will get what you want. I actually liken this to driving on a long journey at night. You know you will reach your destination, but the headlights only show up the immediate road ahead for a hundred metres or so, not the whole 800 kilometre journey!


In following on from this, you can then better prepare yourself for each phase, and recognise that as you go along, the unclear aspects will clear up for you. To use another example, when the first Boeing 747 was designed, the engine technology to lift it off the ground did not yet exist. However, the company management made the decision to actually go ahead, and start production of the aircraft. By the time they were ready, the engine design had become available.

Hence, for the above reasons I am a form advocate of writing down my goals, as well as displaying my desires in pictures. You can do what ever you feel most comfortable with. These concepts are also explained well in the Laws of the Universe program.