Vision for Your Future- Picture It and Expect It

Expect Your Vision To Come True, Or Better


In today's post, I am talking about the expectation of success, rather than just a meager desire for something good. After all, when we really expect something, we are more likely to work towards it.

Now, let's be honest here. It is about being dedicated and putting in a regular effort. I found that when I am focused, and working towards my goals, no matter how hard it may be from time to time, I am on fire. I am literally moving ahead and forward in leaps and bounds. You too can as well.


On the other hand, when you feel like there is no hope, and dare I say, get into a negative frame of mind,  everything becomes much harder to deal with. Hence, where to from here?

I know it is easy to say, but let me tell you, things were not always easy. However, when I realized that I had so much, I knew I could move forward. I will briefly tell you my story to put this in perspective.

When I started online, my results were absolutely terrible. However, I had the desire to succeed, and a sense and knowledge of sticking at it. I am a persistent individual and I knew I had to learn. Hence, I worked, failed, learned a few points and on this went.


I pictured exactly what I wanted and read a great deal as well, from authors like Catherine Ponder and Bob Proctor. You will even see references to Bob's products in the side references on thsi website. Being a part of the Six Minute Program has made a great deal of difference to me.

In fact, I always am learning, and am an active member in Club Asteria for personal growth the world over. Now, where I am going with this is that I am learning, practicing and testing all the time. It's not just about trying different things, but rather in being committed to making a difference. Hence, by surrounding myself with books, audios, videos and constant learning, I have made sure that I have also acted on the information. This is really important. Only with Action, can there be change. I know you may stumble initially, but you need to face the fear, and do it anyway.


Remember, the chances are that you are much better off than many others, considering you can probably read and write (or type) and already, that places you way ahead of the pack. You may well be amazed at the number of people who are unable to read, let alone write. You are really ahead of the pack. The fact that you have a desire, and are researching solutions, by you being at this website is a major step in the right direction for you already. The number of people who are unable to read, let alone write is substantial, and you are way above their level in the knowledge stakes.


Hence, you really do have a sporting chance at success and are able to move ahead quite considerably in the right direction.



Success Planning on Long Trips

I'm not sure about your individual car travelling or other modes of travel arrangemtns, but it is not uncommon for me to spend 5 or six hours in the car when traveling across the country to attend various meetings, or participate in projects that I am completing. Either way, I make it a point of using that time as effectively as possible.


On one recent trip, I listened to an entire seminar recorded on CD and was able to really enjoy the journey. Instead of just driving and staring up ahead, I really had the opportunity to take my time, and use it to maximum effect. I obviously arrived at my intended destination and also had the best training I could get from Bob Proctor on the laws of Success and wealth.


Most importantly, by travelling and using this time wisely, I am making sure that I am feeding my mind with the best possible information available.


More Personal Development Benefits from Time During Travel


I really know that you can achieve as much as I do from your time travelling, It does not matter if you are in the car, the bus, the train, or any other mode of transport. You can really make incredible use of your time.


I listened to an entire Jim Rohn course over around six hours when travelling, and instead of just being a little tired after the journey, I was actually really alive, and energetic. I had ideas, and 'things to do".




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