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The Science of Abundance is something we can all achieve in our lives. Remember, it is a science. Science follows exacting laws that are repeatable in any sphere where the laws will flow the same way, regardless of any other surrounding issues or ‘things’.


In other words, it is a sure thing- a definite and a guarantee.

Manifestation Miracle

I am going to revert to an idea of a car and electricity as two examples. Would you agree that if you are not mechanically minded, you may not know how the car works internally. However, if you have been taught to drive, you still know how to drive.

The Science of Abundance- Allowing it into Our Lives

After pushing the start button or turning the key, the engine runs and by putting the car in gear and applying the accelerator, the car will move forward. It doesn’t matter if you are not mechanically minded and may not know how the engine and drive trains work.


The same applies with electricity.

You may not know about complete electrical circuits, but you know that when you flick a switch in your home, the light will come on if there is power available into your home.


In a similar vain, the mechanics and laws of attraction are always working, even if we don’t understand them as we go about our daily lives.


Recognising that our thoughts are things and that our actions will influence others over time and provide the results we want is what we need to know. I certainly can and look forward to explaining some of these laws in my various writings, but for simplicity, even if you are not aware yet how they work, just knowing that they do work is enough for the moment to get the results you want so much.


I am also going to refer to an incident once where I procrastinated for months in relation to completing some official forms.

The process took no more than an hour at most, but I actually procrastinated for longer than eight months and the payoff, when I did finally get to the task, because I had a deadline to meet, was enormous.


However, I actually not only procrastinated to get the task done initially, but also held back the great good that was coming my way when the forms were complete.


There was obviously, the immediate relief that I had done what needed to be done much earlier.

Then, there was the issue of the of the delayed gratification that could have come so much sooner.


It is imperative to make sure that we are always on top of things and getting things done, It is harder to start with but it soon becomes a habit when we are determined to start at the beginning and get on with things.

I like to start real early in the morning and get to the hardest and toughest mental tasks first.

Complex paperwork,

major reports,

Tasks like that are best done sooner rather than later. It is easier to then get on with things and enjoy the rest of the day knowing you have gotten the hardest items off your list for the day.


I know it seems simple, but the importance of killing procrastination is really well explained in this free report.


You can do anything when you set your mind to it. Equally, the Miracle of Manifestation is there for you to apply in your life. Go for It!





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We Can Receive Ideas Amid the Storm, By Saying No to Limitation

Limitation is against every fibre of my body. Why? As I know that there is more than enough abundance in the world for everybody. This is expressed in the value system by Club Asteria, as well as in the writings of authors like Catherine Ponder and Napoleon Hill, to name just a few.

My point is that even though we may be at times, sitting amidst a situation where we feel there may be lack, the requirement is to open our eyes and senses, and see the benefit and good. I am serious. Let me give you an example. Sometimes, we may log in to our bank accounts and see  a smaller amount than we want. However, there are still trillions of units of currency floating about us, in the electronic banking transactions around the world. We just have to decide to see what we can do to tap into them. Am I being ridiculous? I don't think so. We all have talents and ideas that can benefit many others. The inly issues are that sometimes, we have not expressed them, or put them into a material state for others to benefit from. Am I being serious? A hundred percent.

Let me use an example with me..

Once, I was employed in a traditional job which I enjoyed and received a regular fortnightly pay cheque, as well as over time..

Then, due to family circumstances, I needed to take a plunge and set up business for myself. This was done and I managed very well, even though I nearly died of fright in the beginning. Why?

Because it was scary getting into a self employed situation. That is the case. I needed to have more confidece in my own skills that I could provide a useful service for other people to benefit from.

Nowadays, I write articles daily, I create blog posts on different subjects, I consult and help people create websites through my Virtual Secretariat business, as well as creating content and commercial websites of my own. I do this daily, and am very happy. It has given me the freedom to travel,a s well as develop and help clients the world over, including Australia, France, and Imdia, to name a few.

So, when we decide that we want to do something, we need to be strong and take a stand that we are serious and are not going to allow ourselves to be limited. Limitation is really an elevation of lack. I refuse to allow lack,a dn encourage you to develop a similar mindset. By expecting positive results, you will get them.

I even encourage others in world economies that are traditionally not that great to improve their economies, through eduction and a desire to improve themselves and their economies.

I have also included a link to a channel on personal development and improvement


Abundance Abounds Around and About Us- See It

I have been spending the last few days mowing our expansive lawns around our house. Now whilst I realize this is an issue of little interest to you, I can tell you that there is a lesson I feel is of benefit to us all. Looking at the amount of grass and general greenery that needed to be mowed, I realized that I was in fact surrounded by a great deal of abundance. I am always talking about abundance, and writing about the fact that we are surrounded by so very much, and simply need to changer our focus to open the door to see it, as it were.


This is a simple principle to ignoring the forest for all th trees.


You know how we often think that we are limited or living in a state of lack. It is natural to often want more, and we are all entitles to as much as we want. It is simply a case of learning to unlock what we already have. Getting back to the lawn story, I was mowing after a solid period of seven and a half hours, and I still do not have the job fully done. What can I learn from this and share with you?


We are Surrounded by so much Abundance


For a start, we are surrounded by abundance. Imagine that after three sessions of mowing, totalling seven and a half hours, I still have not completed all the lawn mowing on our property. This means for a start that the lawn area is large. It also helped me see that in nature, everything is about abundance. I left the ground maintenance for about five weeks, in early summer, and growth is clearly all about us. The seeds and plants just want to get out in the open. It is a multiplying effect.


It is very well explained in the Money seeds book as well. My point being that we are surrounded by a natural tendency towards abundance and it is ourselves, and our thinking that is sometimes limited,m rather than the environment about us. This is meant to be a wake up call to suggest that there really is a great deal about us and we can do so very much as long as we open ourselves up to it.


I am certain that you will begin to think differently about this point, and realise that there is so very much. It is natural to be abundant and is in fact, our birth right. I feel very strongly about this and am doing all I can to tell as many people about it. When we think about the inventions like the internet and flight, the fact is the ability for them was always about us. The only difference is that we had not seen it because we had not turned the keys to make it happen, However, the laws of flight have always been about us. The same with the internet. The concept of electricity has always existed. It took someone with courage and determination to experiment to find it out however.


I will be writing in coming days about these concepts all about us, and how by changing our thinking and seeing in our minds all that is here, we can bring it to reality. I am aware that some people work on the basis that they will believe when they have seen something. However, for everything great ion the word, someone first had to see it in their mind's eye and then create it. It takes faith and vision to come first. That is the way of the world.


I encourage you to become familiar with the laws of the universe, as these concepts will become clearer for you and make so much more sense. When we play within the law, we become more easily able to bring to us all that we want.

Think of the Outcome You Want…




Think of the Outcome You Want in your life from your various endeavours. It sounds really basic because it is. I know it is.

However, the secret here is to convince yourself, and let yourself know that you can achieve all that you set yourself to achieve in your mind, It is that simple. My goals here is to show you how, or explain the methods I use.

For absolutely everything that I do, I always think of the best outcomes I want from it. I know it may sound like I am full of myself, but it helps me to see where I am going. Putting it another way, If I am not moving in the direction I wish to go, I will do something about it to make sure that I am always on track.

This is important. This is what focus is all about.

When you have something that you want to achieve, it is a little easier, if you want it badly, to push the little niggley things aside, that create all the excuses that create a distraction and prevent you form forging ahead.

Let me give you an example.

When I was a trainee technician, I worked a full week, in a full time job with a great company, and at one stage, was completing evening study of 15 hours. That is as much or more than some full time students. I still continued with my full time work. I will acknowledge I did not have much of a social life outside of work and study, but you know what,- I got ahead in my studies.

I can now relax a little bit, knowing that I got the push ahead that I wanted to help me move forward.

This is the kind of desire and commitment I want to help ignite in you. I know that it makes a big difference and if you can follow just a small part of this desire in your life, it will help you to massively push forward in a great way and this is an excellent way to move forward.

I also found that reading many books, like Unlimited Abundance made a big difference in my life. They helped me focus, as well as believe in myself. I pictured that I could, and with effort, did. You can too.

Your Unlimited Abundance- Cut The Limitational Thinking




I know that we all want to have the very best in our lives, but I also know that for many people, this simply is not happening. What is going on here?

Is there a specific pattern or mindset that is interfering in this process?  I think that to answer this question better, I will explain my views and thinking on this issue.

Even though we all want to be successful, there is a definite difference between wanting and needing, in having that urgency or fire that is lit under someone who is really determined. To explain this another way, think of someone madly in love, and young. A person in this state will often do more, and suffer through more risk to attain the acknowledgement and acceptance of his intended, in contrast to someone that would just like a romance to happen. It's about a case of determined desire and fire in your belly.

I am not suggesting being so over the top that you frighten everyone away. However, as you o through your day, think about all you are doing. Is your action at the moment giving you more information, and desire to move forward/ It it is, then I think that you need to really get going with it, and move forward. Take your desire, your energy and creativity and move forward. Also, do the hardest things first when you have the most energy in the day. 

 To add to this point, I know of some people, as I was one of them, that did a lot of activity sorting out papers, organising my invoices, and tidying up my desk. I looked very busy, and whilst organisation is important, none of that created income for me. I was not working in the true sense. So now, I organise the content for my website pages, create sites, and work for other people as well, and then, do all my organising. I make sure I fit this all into my day as this is important, but i take care of the income producing work first!.






I have included a link above, and here for the Success in Six Minutes a Day program, as this is a very important program, in my view, to help others get a regular discipline and daily success routine, as well as helping you to think towards success in your life. 

It is really important to manage your thought process as this can on its own, decide your chances of success. I can assure you, when you are thinking right, you are well on the way to greater success. This is guaranteed as those of you who are able to think right will find it much easier to surmount all problems. If you can in your mind, you are more than half way there in actuality. I assure you this is so true. Go Forth and Be Successful Today. Make a conscious decision to make the right move towards your new future today.

Aim For The Stars and Use Your Desired Need To Get There

What does this mean?  Quite simple. You most certainly will have many desires. In fact, if for any reason you do not, I really do suggest you take the time to sit down, and write a list. Just start with all your dreams. It does not how hard you think they may be! The whole idea here is to decide what you really want out of your life. Do not allow yourself to judge at this point. Rather, be honest with your true desires,. I say this as this is the only way to really move ahead. You are not thinking about how you will do what you want at this stage. You are just thinking about actually doing something to reaslly make a difference in the world, and being genuine and true to yourself. By doing this, you will be better prepared to face the next step.


I know it can be hard to get your head around this, if this is a new idea, but essentially, before you can do anything, you need to know what you want to do. It's just like driving a car. You need to know where you are, so you can follow a map to where you want to go. We all have only one life. Take it by the horns and go for it.

This is the concept of 'I Can"! You can do anything you set your mind to if you truly desire it. You are also entitled to all the abundance the world has to offer. You simply need to learn how to accept it. I know what I am talking about as it took me a while to transform from a shy, no confidence in myself person to the person I am today, who is self employed, and helps thousands of people achieve their dreams, as well as developing office systems for others and helping them in the online world of technology.

I have found that when I was desperate for a particular outcome, that lessened my success rate, but when I was focused, and not concerned, but focused, I was more easily able to achieve my desired results and was really happy with the effected outcomes. I am hoping to point out the same point for you. Be determined, but not desperate.

Be focused and keen.

Visualise your desired outcome, and you will see the results you want!