We Can Receive Ideas Amid the Storm, By Saying No to Limitation

Limitation is against every fibre of my body. Why? As I know that there is more than enough abundance in the world for everybody. This is expressed in the value system by Club Asteria, as well as in the writings of authors like Catherine Ponder and Napoleon Hill, to name just a few.

My point is that even though we may be at times, sitting amidst a situation where we feel there may be lack, the requirement is to open our eyes and senses, and see the benefit and good. I am serious. Let me give you an example. Sometimes, we may log in to our bank accounts and see  a smaller amount than we want. However, there are still trillions of units of currency floating about us, in the electronic banking transactions around the world. We just have to decide to see what we can do to tap into them. Am I being ridiculous? I don't think so. We all have talents and ideas that can benefit many others. The inly issues are that sometimes, we have not expressed them, or put them into a material state for others to benefit from. Am I being serious? A hundred percent.

Let me use an example with me..

Once, I was employed in a traditional job which I enjoyed and received a regular fortnightly pay cheque, as well as over time..

Then, due to family circumstances, I needed to take a plunge and set up business for myself. This was done and I managed very well, even though I nearly died of fright in the beginning. Why?

Because it was scary getting into a self employed situation. That is the case. I needed to have more confidece in my own skills that I could provide a useful service for other people to benefit from.

Nowadays, I write articles daily, I create blog posts on different subjects, I consult and help people create websites through my Virtual Secretariat business, as well as creating content and commercial websites of my own. I do this daily, and am very happy. It has given me the freedom to travel,a s well as develop and help clients the world over, including Australia, France, and Imdia, to name a few.

So, when we decide that we want to do something, we need to be strong and take a stand that we are serious and are not going to allow ourselves to be limited. Limitation is really an elevation of lack. I refuse to allow lack,a dn encourage you to develop a similar mindset. By expecting positive results, you will get them.

I even encourage others in world economies that are traditionally not that great to improve their economies, through eduction and a desire to improve themselves and their economies.

I have also included a link to a channel on personal development and improvement


When All Seems Impossible- Then What?

I know there are times when it all seems like everything is just too hard. Many of us have had days like that. However, I want to talk about the importance of centering and recognizing that we can actually meditate through the process of difficulty. I have written an article on the subject here, which goes into considerable detail. However, for the point of this entry post, I want to say that when it all seems to be getting too hard, it can be beneficial to quietly mediate. I know this may seem the last thing on some of your minds, but think about like this- Our subconscious mind often has the answers to many problems, and will present the answers, when we are able to quiet ourselves. When you first start, it may be quite difficult to do, but it does come with practice. In fact, it gets easier and more effective as time progresses.


It takes time and effort to master this skill, but as I have said in an article, it is about learning to respond instead of reacting to problems and concerns.

I have literally found that answers do come in time. It may not be instant, but with practice, it does become a more reliable response for difficult questions.


In addition, if you are so inclined, I have found and read that prayer is very effective too. I am not a religious person, per sé, but I do believe in a higher power, and there are enough studies to prove that prayer does work. The secret is to not only pray when you need help, but rather to develop an ongoing, and regular faith. It is like a habit, that is stronger after regular use, rather than an occasional sting now and again.



   To also recognize that you can, I recommend the book, I Can.

Vision for Your Future- Picture It and Expect It

Expect Your Vision To Come True, Or Better


In today's post, I am talking about the expectation of success, rather than just a meager desire for something good. After all, when we really expect something, we are more likely to work towards it.

Now, let's be honest here. It is about being dedicated and putting in a regular effort. I found that when I am focused, and working towards my goals, no matter how hard it may be from time to time, I am on fire. I am literally moving ahead and forward in leaps and bounds. You too can as well.


On the other hand, when you feel like there is no hope, and dare I say, get into a negative frame of mind,  everything becomes much harder to deal with. Hence, where to from here?

I know it is easy to say, but let me tell you, things were not always easy. However, when I realized that I had so much, I knew I could move forward. I will briefly tell you my story to put this in perspective.

When I started online, my results were absolutely terrible. However, I had the desire to succeed, and a sense and knowledge of sticking at it. I am a persistent individual and I knew I had to learn. Hence, I worked, failed, learned a few points and on this went.


I pictured exactly what I wanted and read a great deal as well, from authors like Catherine Ponder and Bob Proctor. You will even see references to Bob's products in the side references on thsi website. Being a part of the Six Minute Program has made a great deal of difference to me.

In fact, I always am learning, and am an active member in Club Asteria for personal growth the world over. Now, where I am going with this is that I am learning, practicing and testing all the time. It's not just about trying different things, but rather in being committed to making a difference. Hence, by surrounding myself with books, audios, videos and constant learning, I have made sure that I have also acted on the information. This is really important. Only with Action, can there be change. I know you may stumble initially, but you need to face the fear, and do it anyway.


Remember, the chances are that you are much better off than many others, considering you can probably read and write (or type) and already, that places you way ahead of the pack. You may well be amazed at the number of people who are unable to read, let alone write. You are really ahead of the pack. The fact that you have a desire, and are researching solutions, by you being at this website is a major step in the right direction for you already. The number of people who are unable to read, let alone write is substantial, and you are way above their level in the knowledge stakes.


Hence, you really do have a sporting chance at success and are able to move ahead quite considerably in the right direction.



Expectation is the Key To Success – Positive Outcomes

When we want something, or better still desire something, we need to expect that we will have it. Do we still need to work towards it? Certainly, yes, however, we need to also expect it in our hearts. In other words, we need to have positive outcomes in our minds that we will get what we want. It is about knowing in our hearts that we will have what we want.

To best illustrate this example, let us imagine a cat and a mouse. The cat has an ability to sit patiently for hours on end if necessary, because it know that it will get what it wants sooner or later. When a cat sees a mouse behind a piece of furniture, it knows the mouse will come out eventually. It is just a matter of time before re that happens, and for this reason, the cat will wait. There is no doubt or hesitation in the cat's mind. It may seem an odd example, but I feel it illustrates the point really well.

Now, applying this to your life, consider the things you want, the big things. Do you know for certain in your mind that you will definitely get what you want? I know this may be a tough question for some of you, but it is important to answer this one well, as it is a key to your overall success. When you have an unmovable desire, and belief, as well as expectation that your desire will manifest, you have already as well as created it.  The reason for this is that we need to create things in our minds first before we can have them materially. This is a fundamental law of the universe. I can assure you these methods work, as they have been proven time and time again.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Notes- Pondering and Planning?

I know this may seem a very obvious and basic statement. Planning helps us to see things in better perspective. It also helps to formulate ideas in our minds, and help the process of attraction.

Essentially, until we have actually written our goals and desires down, we have not fully committed to them in our deepest subconscious. I know this may sound almost upfront, but at least, give it a go. I can assure you these principles do actually work. They have been proven time and time again.

To best explain this, consider the following scenario-


You are thinking that you want to do something- you have an image in your mind of a project or a desire, and even though you know you have the right to it, you also have this very slight feeling that you are not certain you have what it takes to get it. Please please, get rid of this uncertainty. This is what kills dreams and effectively erases all the other good you may have created towards your initial desire. You see, even if you are not sure how you will get to where you want to be, you need to actually believe (make that Know) you will get what you want. I actually liken this to driving on a long journey at night. You know you will reach your destination, but the headlights only show up the immediate road ahead for a hundred metres or so, not the whole 800 kilometre journey!


In following on from this, you can then better prepare yourself for each phase, and recognise that as you go along, the unclear aspects will clear up for you. To use another example, when the first Boeing 747 was designed, the engine technology to lift it off the ground did not yet exist. However, the company management made the decision to actually go ahead, and start production of the aircraft. By the time they were ready, the engine design had become available.

Hence, for the above reasons I am a form advocate of writing down my goals, as well as displaying my desires in pictures. You can do what ever you feel most comfortable with. These concepts are also explained well in the Laws of the Universe program.



Ask for What You Want On Paper!

Ask for what you want on Paper- I am serious It works.

Actually, take the time to write out in detail what you want. It is like placing your order with the universe.

In addition, I like to think of these writings during a  quiet time, and then as the saying goes, allow myself to sleep on it. It is similar to a point I made in another post about not worrying as it is entirely counter productive.


In addition to that, I find that the material I learned and continue to learn from Club Asteria is incredible. It is all about personal development, and in the same way I have suggested earlier, we need to write down all we want. It is hard to explain, but the act of writing it down actually forces the value into the deepest recesses of our subconscious and it's like lighting a fire. I know this sounds crazy, but its true.


The process really does cement the idea and I find it is easier to materialize. Another example of this is what I call a board of desire. I choose different colour boards and have placed pictures of things I want on it. When I was in my late teens, I created a card with pictures of a house and a car and so on. I looked at that card every morning for a few years, and then put it away. I actually still have the card and as it turns out, everything on those cards has materialized in my life for me. It does work. In fact, all that and so much more. Now, I recommend you give this a go for yourself as well. The process really does work.





In addition, I have found that I have earned a great deal from the Club Asteria system  and also from RC Tornado.

What is Vibration and Attraction?

When we talk about vibration, some people simply think it might be the sensation when a large vehicle drives by. However, there is much more to vibration than that. Essentially, the entire universe, and everything in it is vibrating at various frequencies. Even water is vibrating.

Now, to take this a little further, our minds are effectively electronic devices, that operate a frequency of around 40 cycles per second. 


Please remain with me here. As we progress further, the concept can be further enhanced to use the example of the radio station you may like to listen to. The transmitter transmits a signal at a given frequency that is also picked up by the radio receiver you listen to, when it is tuned to that particular frequency. Going still further again, this radio receiver also rejects the other stations that you are not tuned to. 


By changing the frequency a little bit, or a lot, you will then hear another station, and completely miss the original station. OK, I can see some of you asking where this is going?  The point IO want to make is that all around us, there are frequencies and vibration and we are able to pick up some of those vibrations. We also act as transmitters, depending on the way we are thinking. 


Taking this further again, you probably also know that some people can pick up a phone, without caller ID, and most timers, correctly guess who the caller might be. There are other examples where you may just feel something, and know that something has happened with someone you love, and so on and so on.

All the above examples are the result of vibration in the universe. I am leading to want to mention to you that it is important to guide our thoughts as the way we think will and does affect our results, and the things that are attracted to, or repelled from us.


Vibration and Your Thoughts


My question to you now is, "Do you think right when you start something?" It  is not for me to judge of course, but recognising the importance of thought in your projected outcomes is vital for the results you actually want to get. I can assure you it is true. I have also found that at times, when I thought I might give up, I hung in there because I have actually at that point, been at the hump point, just before success.


By thinking right, you are able to attract to you the results you actually want and should have. There is so much out there to have. It is just up to you to take it. It doesn't matter if it is business online, thinking about life, or creating products.


My point here is to make sure that you remember to always think of the outcomes you want, rather than the worst possible scenario. This way, you are attracting to you the positive outcome, as the way we think will absolutely affect the things and events that are attracted to us. As Dr Demartini says, "what you think and thank about, you bring about".

Elevating Yourself to your highest level and more… Get Rid of Worry!

Having experienced worry, I can assure you it is one of the most irrelevant and useless of emotions. I understand it is a regular intruder in many people's lives, and I hope to help you eliminate this scourge from your existence.


Why, you may ask, get Rid of Worry?

Essentially, it is the most useless of emotions, that robs us of peace of mind, our tranquility, and literally helps to reduce our effectiveness in our daily lives and goals.


I can say this from very personal experience, and it is with great effort, desire, and dedication that I have moved myself above this point in my life.


I know that we can suffer from worry for many reasons including, but in no way limited to issues of finance, love, work, and anything else under the sun. Please understand that I appreciate that there can be times where we are uncertain, but recognising this, and applying other techniques are able to be more effective as well as ensure a better result for us.


Quit Worrying and Attract More


Essentially, when you are worried, you are effectively killing all your creativity, and ability to naturally create. I certainly know for myself that I am happier when I am worry free, and able to then fully concentrate on my various projects at any given time. I know that I am just able to flow, as the saying goes. On the other hand, there was a time when I was very stressed financially, and my creativity went out the window. I spent all my waking hours worried, and nearly got quite sick. I think you can see the point here. I know it was stupid to worry, but I also know it is a natural tendency. I had to work hard to fight it, and overcome it.


I think a key word here is to relax, and let ourselves ease through difficult times. Please realise I am not minimising some very challenging problems that people sometimes have to face, but gain, remember that worrying just brings up images of the worst possible scenarios. If we picture the desired outcomes, and imagine them strongly, by concentrating on what we want, we are more able to attract it to us.


Does it work first time, and easily? Not always, but with faith and practice, it does work. Remember, these are laws, rather than just ideas. 


I also cover this issue on my Elevation CD membership plan where I am speaking, and know that it can help others to overcome their fears and worries too.

 I truly do realise how easy it is to say this but when you let fear and worry go, your greater good comes to you or is attracted to you more easily, because of your ease in accepting it. By worrying, we are effectively shutting the gate of our good to us, and fear acts as a massive filter of good.


Profiting in Your Business- What is Necessary in terms of Mindset?

Many people make the mistake in thinking that business profit is just about the next major decision. However, whilst that can make some difference, I am a keen believer in the long term, with quality and service to match. In other words, success is not about a quick dollar, but rather about consistency and genuinely being available to help your clients, as well as provide a genuine service.


To put this another way, it is about actually taking the time to invest in preparation, and the production of a quality product, regardless of what that product or service might be.


To expand on this further, it is better to take a little longer, and do the job right. Let me use an example to illustrate my point. I recently had the pleasure of working on a house for renovation. It is a three hundred year old house in a region of France, near Bordeaux and thus, whilst it is stable, the walls needed a 'small' birthday.  I have often said that I am not very impressed with the person who invented wall paper, as it is an incredibly messy product to remove effectively. I am not a professional decorator, by my own admission.

Mindset is about ensuring that you are always doing all you can to maximise your results.


Your business results will be based on the mindset and thoughts you have. In all cases, if you can conceive an idea in your mind, you can bring it to life. However, you need to ensure you do not allow yourself top be talked out of your beliefs, often by your own insecurities or belief systems. I know this can strike a chord, but it is really important to ensure that you are clear in your mind here. Only a dedicated clarity in your own mind, will allow you to move to the next phase.


One way top look at this is to appreciate this is to see that everything in your nearest city was first imagined, or conceived in an architect's mind. The same applies to all the 'things' we have and see about us. No difference.


I think you can appreciate where I am going with this now.


In a similar fashion, I release a monthly CD to my elevation  club members as like washing, we need to always be regularly tending to our thoughts, and ensure we are on track. We are all human and can all go off track. However by regularly infusing all the best and the beliefs that work to better ourselves, we are better off for it.


I will be writing more about my elevation club as well as general points to ensure you are always getting the best you can in life.

Abundance Abounds Around and About Us- See It

I have been spending the last few days mowing our expansive lawns around our house. Now whilst I realize this is an issue of little interest to you, I can tell you that there is a lesson I feel is of benefit to us all. Looking at the amount of grass and general greenery that needed to be mowed, I realized that I was in fact surrounded by a great deal of abundance. I am always talking about abundance, and writing about the fact that we are surrounded by so very much, and simply need to changer our focus to open the door to see it, as it were.


This is a simple principle to ignoring the forest for all th trees.


You know how we often think that we are limited or living in a state of lack. It is natural to often want more, and we are all entitles to as much as we want. It is simply a case of learning to unlock what we already have. Getting back to the lawn story, I was mowing after a solid period of seven and a half hours, and I still do not have the job fully done. What can I learn from this and share with you?


We are Surrounded by so much Abundance


For a start, we are surrounded by abundance. Imagine that after three sessions of mowing, totalling seven and a half hours, I still have not completed all the lawn mowing on our property. This means for a start that the lawn area is large. It also helped me see that in nature, everything is about abundance. I left the ground maintenance for about five weeks, in early summer, and growth is clearly all about us. The seeds and plants just want to get out in the open. It is a multiplying effect.


It is very well explained in the Money seeds book as well. My point being that we are surrounded by a natural tendency towards abundance and it is ourselves, and our thinking that is sometimes limited,m rather than the environment about us. This is meant to be a wake up call to suggest that there really is a great deal about us and we can do so very much as long as we open ourselves up to it.


I am certain that you will begin to think differently about this point, and realise that there is so very much. It is natural to be abundant and is in fact, our birth right. I feel very strongly about this and am doing all I can to tell as many people about it. When we think about the inventions like the internet and flight, the fact is the ability for them was always about us. The only difference is that we had not seen it because we had not turned the keys to make it happen, However, the laws of flight have always been about us. The same with the internet. The concept of electricity has always existed. It took someone with courage and determination to experiment to find it out however.


I will be writing in coming days about these concepts all about us, and how by changing our thinking and seeing in our minds all that is here, we can bring it to reality. I am aware that some people work on the basis that they will believe when they have seen something. However, for everything great ion the word, someone first had to see it in their mind's eye and then create it. It takes faith and vision to come first. That is the way of the world.


I encourage you to become familiar with the laws of the universe, as these concepts will become clearer for you and make so much more sense. When we play within the law, we become more easily able to bring to us all that we want.