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Your success is a direct result of your mental processes- Your thoughts and your desires, as well as actions you take daily.

When you think a certain way and respond to life’s challenges, instead of reacting to daily challenges, we are in  state of control, not just outwardly, but for ourselves, and  in a way where we can substantially improve the results we get. It sounds very selfish on one hand, but we can actually help ourselves to win, as well as to encourage others to not lose. We do not have to always live in a situation where one other is worse off than you for you to excel.

Through a combination of my life experiences, learning, and writing, I have decided to help others learn from my experiences as well as potentially avoid similar mistakes in life that I have made.

The result is a CD program where you receive a CD mailed directly to you on a monthly basis for as long as you remain a member. I use the description that we need to wash daily. In a similar manner, we need to regularly listen to encouragement, messages of positivity and inspiration, as well as regularly immerse ourselves in learning.

 As soon as your subscription is received, you will be mailed your first monthly CD and there-after on a monthly basis.

I naturally welcome your feedback as well, and look forward to your coming on board. Click the button below to register your interest and details.

When you click on the Subscribe Button below, you will see an image like this-

Order the Elevation CD

By filling in your details, or Pay Pal Account details, you will then be required to confirm your postal address as this is essential to make sure you receive your CD’s. If you ever need to cancel, you may do so later.

Your first CD is provided at a complimentary price of AUD $10, including postage and then monthly at a price of AUD $35.

You may also contact my office by clicking this link to  contact us here.

Monthly CD Subscription




You payments through PayPal are absolutely secure. I never get to see your credit card details and Pay Pal is one of the world’s most recognised e-commerce merchants. They are the processors for your card transaction. If you are paying via your own Pay Pal account, your details are already stored with them. Again, your transaction is security encrypted and I do not get to see your details relating to your funds.

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