How To Forgive Others and Yourself?

I suspect that you may have thought about forgiveness as being about forgiving others, but not always yourself. I'm actually going to turn this on its head by suggesting it is more important to forgive ourselves than it is to ask forgiveness from others. In addition, we can forgive others as well in our own internal way, but first, I feel we need to forgive ourselves. Why do I say this?

Forgiving Ourselves

Forgiving ourselves takes precedence because when we are forgiven, we are in a better position to feel that we can then work on forgiving others. However, if we are not 'right within ourselves;, how can we then concentrate on being affective in forgiving others? I know it sounds a little over the top, but it is true. It is very similar to having to love ourselves before we can love others. I know some of you may think this is a selfish view point, and I respect your opinion. However, if you think about it, when you are not able to love yourself, how can you discipate respect and care for others? 


Hence, the idea here is to be able to first forgive yourself.

I met a person at a seminar who was in his 70's and was holding some issues against himself for almost 50 years.  Essentially, he was in a car accident with his then wife, and a drunk driver crashed in to them and his wife was killed. He still to this day, nearly fifty years later, held himself responsible. He was shown how to forgive himself, and you could have heard a pin drop in this room, full of three hundred people.

He learned the art of forgiving, and it was only sad that it took that long for him to achieve. 

Imagine living your life in a view point that you are no good and unworthy for fifty years?

I think you can see where I am coming from with this.

I genuinely encourage you to look through the pages on forgiveness and obtaining forgiveness and also seeing the book on forgiving yourself.

You owe it to yourself, and you will also sleep much better too.

Forgiving and Forgetting- A Perspective

I know this is a very important point to consider, given that I have felt an amazing sense of relaxation and rest a day or so ago. What am I talking about? Forgiving and forgetting. You see, I practice what I write about, and I actually did the forgiveness exercise yesterday, and when I actually went to sleep, I felt a peace like I hadn't for quite some time.

I know I have been concentrating a bit lately on forgiveness, because it is so important for all of us to really get the best out of it. 

The laws of attraction work a lot better when we are free of any guilt and fear, as well as anger, in particular.  I know that I went through a time when I was typically very angry and upset as well as being unable to release the anger faster than it was welling up inside me. I know this may sound heavy, but I choose to tell you this, so as to prove that you can heal yourself and your life by choosing to forgive.

Essentially, I had been in a situation where my employment had changed dramatically, and I was also in a new country. I found the cultural change and the circumstances surrounding that change very difficult to deal with.

I spent each day doing my best ( or what I thought was my best), even though I was being held back due to all my anger. I saw that this was not working after a year and decided to really make an effort to resolve the issue.

I looked deep inside myself, by taking the time to reflect and write down everything that was annoying me and affecting my ability to be open to receiving all the good I actually wanted.


I finally wrote everything down, and was quite amazed by the size of the list. However, this list is critical to 'get the emotion and anger out' of your system. By following this method, you will not only feel and probably sleep better than you have in a very long while, but rather will leap ahead in bounds. It is just so freeing.

I have included links in the posts to help you see for yourself how forgiveness really helps.

Forgiveness and Forgiving Others Inwardly

I am hoping to share with you the benefits of forgiving others and of reinforcing the importance of this practice, to help you succeed, and be able to move forward in the direction of life you desire.

Whilst some people are incorrectly of the view that forgiveness is about other people, it is more so for you. It is certainly OK to tell someone that you forgive them if you wish to, but overall, it is about you giving yourself permission to forgive yourself.


Essentially, by forgiving others and yourself, you are freeing up all th negative energy in your body to flow again as it is designed to do. You will find you feel better, and more of what you want comes to you, or better. The universe is all about the flow of energy and the act of forgiving others and yourself will massively help that flow.

Over Delivering In Life – Your Returns Will Explode

I always talk about over delivering. Giving my clients the best that I possibly can. It really does make a big difference to the end result- I assure you.

I learned this from the people who have taught me, and my experiences, and it is well explained in the Healing of Forgiveness as well.

In addition, while I am side tracked on the issue of forgiveness, may I suggest that you make a point of practicing forgiveness regularly, as it will allow you to perform at your very best.

The reason for suggesting that we practice forgiveness is to make sure that we are free to concentrate all our energies onto our best work, and giving, if you will. Only when we are free of vices and 'small sweat problems', can we be our best. It is also about controlling our emotions sometimes.

I treat all my clients like gold, because I know that when I give to them, they in turn will give to me by coming back over and over again.



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