Find Your Desire in Life and Reap the Rewards that are On Offer



One of the most important points I would like to make in the realm of prosperity is that there is a difference between reading about a few things, knowing they exist, and actually experiencing them. It is a massive difference in fact.

However, knowing this point is one thing and it is my aim to help you not only appreciate this point better, but to actually utilize it to turn things around for you. I am really passionate as there are so many people who are living below their peak potential. It probably sounds almost cliched, but it is really true and I hope you can pick my enthusiasm here and actually apply some of it to yourself.

Essentially, of you are not passionate about something, you are less than likely to achieve it. It is blunt, and really that simple. You need to really want the things in your life, to have the energy to go out and get them.


We all only live our lives once and we really need to make sure that we make that life count. After all, there is nothing more fulfilling than really knowing you have achieved something valuable. It really does make a difference.









Having a Plan- In Life and Business

Yes, we all need a plan.

I know there are free spirited people who like to go where life takes them, but really, it is a bit like  a boat on the ocean with no direction, and following thew wind. That is something you may do in your vacation time, but for a serious move forward, I think it is ambition suicide!

Sorry if I am too strong for you here. I do, however feel very strongly about this issue, and know that to move forward, we really do need to make a determined effort here.


As an example, when I was promoting my Tweeting for Success Program, I needed a plan, rather than just hoping for the best.

Another situation was when I needed to organise a repayment plan on a loan.

All these things require a plan, and that is why I recommend taking the time to think ahead and to make a decision based on resources and desired results.  Note that if the resources are not at the level that you want, you can actually take the time to increase them, again with a degree of effort and planning. Planning is about thinking about what you firstly Want,


  • Wants are First
  • The Current Situation You are In,
  • A Time Frame that is Required and finally,
  • An Implementation of a Plan to get from where you are to where you need to be to make it all happen!

I think you know that while the information is important in the first points, it is the final point where it all comes together and where you need to be to massively bring all your plans to life.

I know that this will be the beginning of the rest of your life, in a planned pursuit of excellence and success. Just sit down and work out what you really want. However, do not assume that it is just what you think you can do, but rather, aim for the stars. This is a  really important point to nail down. I really can assure you it will make a big difference in your overall life and results.

I have often found that by aiming high, I was able to meet my expectations, or at least gotten a lot closer than if I did only what I thought I could do. I always aim higher and push myself as high as I can to get the best result.

Think of the Outcome You Want…




Think of the Outcome You Want in your life from your various endeavours. It sounds really basic because it is. I know it is.

However, the secret here is to convince yourself, and let yourself know that you can achieve all that you set yourself to achieve in your mind, It is that simple. My goals here is to show you how, or explain the methods I use.

For absolutely everything that I do, I always think of the best outcomes I want from it. I know it may sound like I am full of myself, but it helps me to see where I am going. Putting it another way, If I am not moving in the direction I wish to go, I will do something about it to make sure that I am always on track.

This is important. This is what focus is all about.

When you have something that you want to achieve, it is a little easier, if you want it badly, to push the little niggley things aside, that create all the excuses that create a distraction and prevent you form forging ahead.

Let me give you an example.

When I was a trainee technician, I worked a full week, in a full time job with a great company, and at one stage, was completing evening study of 15 hours. That is as much or more than some full time students. I still continued with my full time work. I will acknowledge I did not have much of a social life outside of work and study, but you know what,- I got ahead in my studies.

I can now relax a little bit, knowing that I got the push ahead that I wanted to help me move forward.

This is the kind of desire and commitment I want to help ignite in you. I know that it makes a big difference and if you can follow just a small part of this desire in your life, it will help you to massively push forward in a great way and this is an excellent way to move forward.

I also found that reading many books, like Unlimited Abundance made a big difference in my life. They helped me focus, as well as believe in myself. I pictured that I could, and with effort, did. You can too.

De Clutter Your Life for A Great Start





To get ahead in life, I am a great believer of the concept of de-cluttering. By this, I mean getting rid of old things that you no longer use, as well as clearing the space near where you work. What for, you may well ask. There are two reasons for this.


Firstly, from a point of view of clarity, whilst I recognize that some people are unaffected by this, I can assure you that many are, myself included. By being able to work in a relatively clear desk, with little distractions, I am able to fully absorb myself into my work and be more productive in this way.


In addition, by allowing my full focus on the task at hand, I am able to better complete it and complete a day of greater achievement.

Now, to clarify the issue of ridding ourselves of unwanted materials around us, if we have clutter at home, it is like clutter in our lives and can affect us and our performance. In this way, I highly recommend that we actually give away, throw away, or otherwise get rod of anything that is surplus to our needs, This point is well explained ion the Catherine Ponder Books on prosperity and I have really got the ideas here. An example to illustrate my point is as follows:

A woman had an old set of curtains that she did not like, an after many years, and reading about creating a vacuum, just got rid of the curtains, She found that new curtains came here way not too long after and she is much happier. The point I am making is that by making room in our lives for more, we actually are able to accept new good and more physical things. When we hoard possessions, we simply do not make a good case for attraction. However, when there is room, both physically and mentally, we can attract much more into our lives. 

This has been proven time and time again on many occasions by many people. Try it in your life and see the results…



Can We Be Gentle, Yet Forceful On Ourselves?



I think the answer is a defininite yes! What do I mean by this, you may ask.







For every decision, we make, we think about the benefits and the negatives. I say this as we need to treat ourselves well, in terms of not berating ourselves if we mess up. After all, we are all human, and I am not about to expand on some of my mess ups. Yet, I have certainly had a few, and am human, I know this. So too, are you. So, if you mess up, forgive yourself and accept is as a part of growing internally, in your mind We all are able to make mistakes from time to time.





To grow and reach your desired level of success, you will need to invest time, as well as make decisions to invest in quality assets and work projects. This is not only about money, but in general about making valued and forward thinking decisions and judgements to make the most out of your life.



Your Unlimited Abundance- Cut The Limitational Thinking




I know that we all want to have the very best in our lives, but I also know that for many people, this simply is not happening. What is going on here?

Is there a specific pattern or mindset that is interfering in this process?  I think that to answer this question better, I will explain my views and thinking on this issue.

Even though we all want to be successful, there is a definite difference between wanting and needing, in having that urgency or fire that is lit under someone who is really determined. To explain this another way, think of someone madly in love, and young. A person in this state will often do more, and suffer through more risk to attain the acknowledgement and acceptance of his intended, in contrast to someone that would just like a romance to happen. It's about a case of determined desire and fire in your belly.

I am not suggesting being so over the top that you frighten everyone away. However, as you o through your day, think about all you are doing. Is your action at the moment giving you more information, and desire to move forward/ It it is, then I think that you need to really get going with it, and move forward. Take your desire, your energy and creativity and move forward. Also, do the hardest things first when you have the most energy in the day. 

 To add to this point, I know of some people, as I was one of them, that did a lot of activity sorting out papers, organising my invoices, and tidying up my desk. I looked very busy, and whilst organisation is important, none of that created income for me. I was not working in the true sense. So now, I organise the content for my website pages, create sites, and work for other people as well, and then, do all my organising. I make sure I fit this all into my day as this is important, but i take care of the income producing work first!.






I have included a link above, and here for the Success in Six Minutes a Day program, as this is a very important program, in my view, to help others get a regular discipline and daily success routine, as well as helping you to think towards success in your life. 

It is really important to manage your thought process as this can on its own, decide your chances of success. I can assure you, when you are thinking right, you are well on the way to greater success. This is guaranteed as those of you who are able to think right will find it much easier to surmount all problems. If you can in your mind, you are more than half way there in actuality. I assure you this is so true. Go Forth and Be Successful Today. Make a conscious decision to make the right move towards your new future today.

Success Takes Time- Cultivate that Success For Yourself

Success really does take some time. It's like growing a plant, or watching an investment grow. A great example for this might be buying a block of land and putting a house on it. This happened for me, when I was eighteen years old, and I bought a vacant block of land. At the time, it certainly was a lot of money to me, although by today's prices, it was a joke. 


However, whilst there have certainly been booms and busts over the last number of years, I have stuck it out, and allowed the passage of time to help me in appreciating the value of that piece of land. In fact, after five years, I built a house on it, lived in it, and then moved out, to go elsewhere. However, tenants have been in it since, paying a rental and I have had the appreciation over time working for me, building equity as well.


So, this is an ideal example of time working for you in building a nest egg, from a financial point of view. In other areas, I can say the same thing applies, in that by investing wisely in the share market, and holding your shares over time, gives them time to appreciate in value. May I say here that I included a disclaimer that you have invested in quality shares in the first place, as well as allowing yourself to let time work for you. I am not a financial adviser and am not providing specific financial advice here. I am explaining a point, or principle that if applied and adhered to, will work for you too. I know we sometimes want a quick result but that is not always possible.








To grow and reach your desired level of success, you will need to invest time, as well as make decisions to invest in quality assets and work projects. This is not only about money, but in general about making valued and forward thinking decisions and judgements to make the most out of your life.



Aim For The Stars and Use Your Desired Need To Get There

What does this mean?  Quite simple. You most certainly will have many desires. In fact, if for any reason you do not, I really do suggest you take the time to sit down, and write a list. Just start with all your dreams. It does not how hard you think they may be! The whole idea here is to decide what you really want out of your life. Do not allow yourself to judge at this point. Rather, be honest with your true desires,. I say this as this is the only way to really move ahead. You are not thinking about how you will do what you want at this stage. You are just thinking about actually doing something to reaslly make a difference in the world, and being genuine and true to yourself. By doing this, you will be better prepared to face the next step.


I know it can be hard to get your head around this, if this is a new idea, but essentially, before you can do anything, you need to know what you want to do. It's just like driving a car. You need to know where you are, so you can follow a map to where you want to go. We all have only one life. Take it by the horns and go for it.

This is the concept of 'I Can"! You can do anything you set your mind to if you truly desire it. You are also entitled to all the abundance the world has to offer. You simply need to learn how to accept it. I know what I am talking about as it took me a while to transform from a shy, no confidence in myself person to the person I am today, who is self employed, and helps thousands of people achieve their dreams, as well as developing office systems for others and helping them in the online world of technology.

I have found that when I was desperate for a particular outcome, that lessened my success rate, but when I was focused, and not concerned, but focused, I was more easily able to achieve my desired results and was really happy with the effected outcomes. I am hoping to point out the same point for you. Be determined, but not desperate.

Be focused and keen.

Visualise your desired outcome, and you will see the results you want!


Welcome to Fundamental Performance

I will be writing on a variety of topics to promote your very best in life, and also to promote products that I believe to be of a standard to help you develop your skills, beliefs, and results in life for the very best that you can be.   Nothing is impossible, if you will it, believe it, and are prepared to strive for it. I know this may sound very simple in its own right, but it is true. Most people who have failed have actually come very close to their goals being achieved, without having realized that they actually came so close.   You see, the way human nature often works, people tend to give up when the going gets tough, and this is typically just at the point on the hill before it peaks. When I have looked back on events in my life, I realise I nearly quit just before I actually made it and that is the point I wish to make here. We really do need to make sure we develop a grit, or dedication that is absolute. Thsi way, we will be better positioned to really make a difference.   I will be writing on this very important point over the next few days and wish you well.   I have also included references to various products that I believe are able to help you better reach your goals. These links are related to products designed to educate, inspire, and motivte, among other important aspects of life.   More information is included on the Resources Page.