Having a Plan- In Life and Business

Yes, we all need a plan.

I know there are free spirited people who like to go where life takes them, but really, it is a bit like  a boat on the ocean with no direction, and following thew wind. That is something you may do in your vacation time, but for a serious move forward, I think it is ambition suicide!

Sorry if I am too strong for you here. I do, however feel very strongly about this issue, and know that to move forward, we really do need to make a determined effort here.


As an example, when I was promoting my Tweeting for Success Program, I needed a plan, rather than just hoping for the best.

Another situation was when I needed to organise a repayment plan on a loan.

All these things require a plan, and that is why I recommend taking the time to think ahead and to make a decision based on resources and desired results.  Note that if the resources are not at the level that you want, you can actually take the time to increase them, again with a degree of effort and planning. Planning is about thinking about what you firstly Want,


  • Wants are First
  • The Current Situation You are In,
  • A Time Frame that is Required and finally,
  • An Implementation of a Plan to get from where you are to where you need to be to make it all happen!

I think you know that while the information is important in the first points, it is the final point where it all comes together and where you need to be to massively bring all your plans to life.

I know that this will be the beginning of the rest of your life, in a planned pursuit of excellence and success. Just sit down and work out what you really want. However, do not assume that it is just what you think you can do, but rather, aim for the stars. This is a  really important point to nail down. I really can assure you it will make a big difference in your overall life and results.

I have often found that by aiming high, I was able to meet my expectations, or at least gotten a lot closer than if I did only what I thought I could do. I always aim higher and push myself as high as I can to get the best result.

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