Think of the Outcome You Want…




Think of the Outcome You Want in your life from your various endeavours. It sounds really basic because it is. I know it is.

However, the secret here is to convince yourself, and let yourself know that you can achieve all that you set yourself to achieve in your mind, It is that simple. My goals here is to show you how, or explain the methods I use.

For absolutely everything that I do, I always think of the best outcomes I want from it. I know it may sound like I am full of myself, but it helps me to see where I am going. Putting it another way, If I am not moving in the direction I wish to go, I will do something about it to make sure that I am always on track.

This is important. This is what focus is all about.

When you have something that you want to achieve, it is a little easier, if you want it badly, to push the little niggley things aside, that create all the excuses that create a distraction and prevent you form forging ahead.

Let me give you an example.

When I was a trainee technician, I worked a full week, in a full time job with a great company, and at one stage, was completing evening study of 15 hours. That is as much or more than some full time students. I still continued with my full time work. I will acknowledge I did not have much of a social life outside of work and study, but you know what,- I got ahead in my studies.

I can now relax a little bit, knowing that I got the push ahead that I wanted to help me move forward.

This is the kind of desire and commitment I want to help ignite in you. I know that it makes a big difference and if you can follow just a small part of this desire in your life, it will help you to massively push forward in a great way and this is an excellent way to move forward.

I also found that reading many books, like Unlimited Abundance made a big difference in my life. They helped me focus, as well as believe in myself. I pictured that I could, and with effort, did. You can too.

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