De Clutter Your Life for A Great Start





To get ahead in life, I am a great believer of the concept of de-cluttering. By this, I mean getting rid of old things that you no longer use, as well as clearing the space near where you work. What for, you may well ask. There are two reasons for this.


Firstly, from a point of view of clarity, whilst I recognize that some people are unaffected by this, I can assure you that many are, myself included. By being able to work in a relatively clear desk, with little distractions, I am able to fully absorb myself into my work and be more productive in this way.


In addition, by allowing my full focus on the task at hand, I am able to better complete it and complete a day of greater achievement.

Now, to clarify the issue of ridding ourselves of unwanted materials around us, if we have clutter at home, it is like clutter in our lives and can affect us and our performance. In this way, I highly recommend that we actually give away, throw away, or otherwise get rod of anything that is surplus to our needs, This point is well explained ion the Catherine Ponder Books on prosperity and I have really got the ideas here. An example to illustrate my point is as follows:

A woman had an old set of curtains that she did not like, an after many years, and reading about creating a vacuum, just got rid of the curtains, She found that new curtains came here way not too long after and she is much happier. The point I am making is that by making room in our lives for more, we actually are able to accept new good and more physical things. When we hoard possessions, we simply do not make a good case for attraction. However, when there is room, both physically and mentally, we can attract much more into our lives. 

This has been proven time and time again on many occasions by many people. Try it in your life and see the results…



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