Your Unlimited Abundance- Cut The Limitational Thinking




I know that we all want to have the very best in our lives, but I also know that for many people, this simply is not happening. What is going on here?

Is there a specific pattern or mindset that is interfering in this process?  I think that to answer this question better, I will explain my views and thinking on this issue.

Even though we all want to be successful, there is a definite difference between wanting and needing, in having that urgency or fire that is lit under someone who is really determined. To explain this another way, think of someone madly in love, and young. A person in this state will often do more, and suffer through more risk to attain the acknowledgement and acceptance of his intended, in contrast to someone that would just like a romance to happen. It's about a case of determined desire and fire in your belly.

I am not suggesting being so over the top that you frighten everyone away. However, as you o through your day, think about all you are doing. Is your action at the moment giving you more information, and desire to move forward/ It it is, then I think that you need to really get going with it, and move forward. Take your desire, your energy and creativity and move forward. Also, do the hardest things first when you have the most energy in the day. 

 To add to this point, I know of some people, as I was one of them, that did a lot of activity sorting out papers, organising my invoices, and tidying up my desk. I looked very busy, and whilst organisation is important, none of that created income for me. I was not working in the true sense. So now, I organise the content for my website pages, create sites, and work for other people as well, and then, do all my organising. I make sure I fit this all into my day as this is important, but i take care of the income producing work first!.






I have included a link above, and here for the Success in Six Minutes a Day program, as this is a very important program, in my view, to help others get a regular discipline and daily success routine, as well as helping you to think towards success in your life. 

It is really important to manage your thought process as this can on its own, decide your chances of success. I can assure you, when you are thinking right, you are well on the way to greater success. This is guaranteed as those of you who are able to think right will find it much easier to surmount all problems. If you can in your mind, you are more than half way there in actuality. I assure you this is so true. Go Forth and Be Successful Today. Make a conscious decision to make the right move towards your new future today.

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