Success Takes Time- Cultivate that Success For Yourself

Success really does take some time. It's like growing a plant, or watching an investment grow. A great example for this might be buying a block of land and putting a house on it. This happened for me, when I was eighteen years old, and I bought a vacant block of land. At the time, it certainly was a lot of money to me, although by today's prices, it was a joke. 


However, whilst there have certainly been booms and busts over the last number of years, I have stuck it out, and allowed the passage of time to help me in appreciating the value of that piece of land. In fact, after five years, I built a house on it, lived in it, and then moved out, to go elsewhere. However, tenants have been in it since, paying a rental and I have had the appreciation over time working for me, building equity as well.


So, this is an ideal example of time working for you in building a nest egg, from a financial point of view. In other areas, I can say the same thing applies, in that by investing wisely in the share market, and holding your shares over time, gives them time to appreciate in value. May I say here that I included a disclaimer that you have invested in quality shares in the first place, as well as allowing yourself to let time work for you. I am not a financial adviser and am not providing specific financial advice here. I am explaining a point, or principle that if applied and adhered to, will work for you too. I know we sometimes want a quick result but that is not always possible.








To grow and reach your desired level of success, you will need to invest time, as well as make decisions to invest in quality assets and work projects. This is not only about money, but in general about making valued and forward thinking decisions and judgements to make the most out of your life.



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