When All Seems Impossible- Then What?

I know there are times when it all seems like everything is just too hard. Many of us have had days like that. However, I want to talk about the importance of centering and recognizing that we can actually meditate through the process of difficulty. I have written an article on the subject here, which goes into considerable detail. However, for the point of this entry post, I want to say that when it all seems to be getting too hard, it can be beneficial to quietly mediate. I know this may seem the last thing on some of your minds, but think about like this- Our subconscious mind often has the answers to many problems, and will present the answers, when we are able to quiet ourselves. When you first start, it may be quite difficult to do, but it does come with practice. In fact, it gets easier and more effective as time progresses.


It takes time and effort to master this skill, but as I have said in an article, it is about learning to respond instead of reacting to problems and concerns.

I have literally found that answers do come in time. It may not be instant, but with practice, it does become a more reliable response for difficult questions.


In addition, if you are so inclined, I have found and read that prayer is very effective too. I am not a religious person, per sé, but I do believe in a higher power, and there are enough studies to prove that prayer does work. The secret is to not only pray when you need help, but rather to develop an ongoing, and regular faith. It is like a habit, that is stronger after regular use, rather than an occasional sting now and again.



   To also recognize that you can, I recommend the book, I Can.

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