Ask for What You Want On Paper!

Ask for what you want on Paper- I am serious It works.

Actually, take the time to write out in detail what you want. It is like placing your order with the universe.

In addition, I like to think of these writings during a  quiet time, and then as the saying goes, allow myself to sleep on it. It is similar to a point I made in another post about not worrying as it is entirely counter productive.


In addition to that, I find that the material I learned and continue to learn from Club Asteria is incredible. It is all about personal development, and in the same way I have suggested earlier, we need to write down all we want. It is hard to explain, but the act of writing it down actually forces the value into the deepest recesses of our subconscious and it's like lighting a fire. I know this sounds crazy, but its true.


The process really does cement the idea and I find it is easier to materialize. Another example of this is what I call a board of desire. I choose different colour boards and have placed pictures of things I want on it. When I was in my late teens, I created a card with pictures of a house and a car and so on. I looked at that card every morning for a few years, and then put it away. I actually still have the card and as it turns out, everything on those cards has materialized in my life for me. It does work. In fact, all that and so much more. Now, I recommend you give this a go for yourself as well. The process really does work.





In addition, I have found that I have earned a great deal from the Club Asteria system  and also from RC Tornado.

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