Elevating Yourself to your highest level and more… Get Rid of Worry!

Having experienced worry, I can assure you it is one of the most irrelevant and useless of emotions. I understand it is a regular intruder in many people's lives, and I hope to help you eliminate this scourge from your existence.


Why, you may ask, get Rid of Worry?

Essentially, it is the most useless of emotions, that robs us of peace of mind, our tranquility, and literally helps to reduce our effectiveness in our daily lives and goals.


I can say this from very personal experience, and it is with great effort, desire, and dedication that I have moved myself above this point in my life.


I know that we can suffer from worry for many reasons including, but in no way limited to issues of finance, love, work, and anything else under the sun. Please understand that I appreciate that there can be times where we are uncertain, but recognising this, and applying other techniques are able to be more effective as well as ensure a better result for us.


Quit Worrying and Attract More


Essentially, when you are worried, you are effectively killing all your creativity, and ability to naturally create. I certainly know for myself that I am happier when I am worry free, and able to then fully concentrate on my various projects at any given time. I know that I am just able to flow, as the saying goes. On the other hand, there was a time when I was very stressed financially, and my creativity went out the window. I spent all my waking hours worried, and nearly got quite sick. I think you can see the point here. I know it was stupid to worry, but I also know it is a natural tendency. I had to work hard to fight it, and overcome it.


I think a key word here is to relax, and let ourselves ease through difficult times. Please realise I am not minimising some very challenging problems that people sometimes have to face, but gain, remember that worrying just brings up images of the worst possible scenarios. If we picture the desired outcomes, and imagine them strongly, by concentrating on what we want, we are more able to attract it to us.


Does it work first time, and easily? Not always, but with faith and practice, it does work. Remember, these are laws, rather than just ideas. 


I also cover this issue on my Elevation CD membership plan where I am speaking, and know that it can help others to overcome their fears and worries too.

 I truly do realise how easy it is to say this but when you let fear and worry go, your greater good comes to you or is attracted to you more easily, because of your ease in accepting it. By worrying, we are effectively shutting the gate of our good to us, and fear acts as a massive filter of good.


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